Kombucha On Tap: A How-To Video & Guide

Can’t get enough kombucha? If you want to put your homemade kombucha on tap, this guide is for you. Serving draft kombucha is great for hosting parties as well as for convenient everyday enjoyment. Serving kombucha from a keg also helps you get the perfect fizz every time. Learn how to put kombucha on tap with the simple walk through and video from our friends at You Brew Kombucha.




Supplies for Kombucha on Tap:


How to Serve Draft Kombucha:

  1. Once your kombucha is brewed, and before a second fermentation, add any flavorings desired. 
  2. When your kombucha is ready, funnel it into the keg and seal the lid. 
  3. Snip the end of your CO2 line and add a white or gray ball lock disconnect and the end of your liquid line and add a black ball lock disconnect. 
  4. Put the keg in a kegerator (and the CO2 tank if desired)
  5. Make sure the CO2 cylinder is closed and connect the CO2 line to the keg. 
  6. Attach the liquid line to the keg.
  7. Open the CO2 valve and adjust your regulator until the gauge shows 20-40 PSI output pressure.
  8. Confirm pressurization by pulling the release valve briefly.
  9. Let it carbonate for at least a couple days, depending on your preferences. Test each day to determine if it has reached your preferred carbonation. 
  10. When you reach the carbonation level desired, close your CO2 cylinder and bleed pressure from the pressure relief valve on the corny keg, then turn down the regulator to 8-12 PSI. This will allow you to serve the kombucha without carbonating it further.
  11. Serve and enjoy!

By following these simple steps you can get your kombucha on tap quickly and easily. You will be enjoying draft kombucha in no time. If you have any questions or run into any issues in the process, please reach out to us at (513) 325-7279 or sales@cornykeg.com.