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Corny Keg
David Morgan
Pantalone Cagadas!

Best used Corny keg I have ever bought!

Outstanding Service & Quality

Dave reached out proactively after I placed my order and made sure I had exactly what I needed for my setup. 100% recommend for your project!

Corny Keg
Brian Leosz
Shipping ancient tanks?

Took my 10lb steel tank to a reputable gas supply. They were shocked this tank was sold to me at this cost, citing that it could be close to 40 years old. Additionally, they explained few gas suppliers will deal with a 10lb tank these days... So what now? They would not fill it.

Corny Keg
Wayne Pike

My order arrived quickly and the product is perfect! I will definitely be ordering more from cornykeg!!!!! The sticker and coaster was cool too!

Corny Keg
Chuck Cross

Quick shipment, packaged very well, great prices and the condition of the used Corny’s is better than described. You can’t ask for more. These guys deliver quality every time. This is my 2nd corny keg order and I will be back. Also ordered some Hopzoil for the 1st time to use as dry hop. Looking forward to giving it a try.

Corny Keg
Ethan Green
Stacked 2.5 gallon kegs fit in kegerator

Fast service, packaged securely, and high quality 2.5 gallon kegs.
For anyone looking for 2.5 gallons kegs that fit in a Komos or similarly sized kegerator when stacked, these kegs measure just about 28.25 inches when stacked and fit in my kegerator which measures 28.5 inches internal height.

Corny Keg
Teresa Baumann
Best customer service ever! The whole enchilada.

I called Dave and he spent 30 minutes answering my questions. I am a first time kegger, and need some help on what to purchase. Dave took the time and answered all of my questions.

Thanks Dave!

Corny Keg
Robert Vacchiano
15 lb co2 cylinder

Fast shipping reasonable price

Very happy with my purchase!

Ordered a used keg and attachments 3 days ago. Arrived today. The keg was pressurized which is great. I opened it and it was very clean. I washed it out anyway but hardly needed to. Attachments were in the box as promised. Super happy with the whole experience and would definitely recommend buying from Corny Keg!

Corny Keg
Joe Whiting
New Pin Lock Kegs !

Pin lock users have not had the option of new kegs for many moons. Not anymore. I have plenty of good used kegs but have always wondered why pin locks were not available new ? I bought a pair of new ones and they are sweet looking indeed. The only drawback for pin locks in the past was the lack of a pressure relief valve. Not anymore. These pin locks come with the relief valves just like ball locks. I'm surprised that no one else hasn't done this before. Customer service is great ! Dave even called me before shipping the order to make sure it was pin locks that I ordered. As the price of used kegs are rising, having new ones available is a great option. I'm not getting rid of my old ones but now they have some company !

Corny Keg
Jack Gibbs
Outstanding Product and customer service

I reached out to ask questions as a new brewer and Dave sent me his personal number and then spen t the next half hour explaining keg systems to me versus bottling while on his way home from work. I spent the evening going thru the website and still ordered the wrong product. Dave called me the next morning to go over my order and corrected it for me, and added the cleaning item I forgot.
Customer service beyond compare. Product went together easily and 1st batch kegged and ready to share! Thank you Dave!

Great Kegs, Great Service

I ordered 2 refurbished Corny Kegs. I messed up my order and Dave caught it an questioned it. He fixed it for me at no charge even though it was going to cost him a bit more. I appreciated that. Received the kegs. Very nice. Totally rinsed and holding pressure. They shipped with pressure in them and it was still holding pressure 2 days after I received them and got to cleaning them. Looked very clean, but I cleaned them out since I know they are only stated to be rinsed.
Very happy with the kegs I received and the service I got. Will definitely be using and referring

Corny Keg
Happy as A Fly on beer: Great Service

This Keg is just what I was looking for and at a fair Price. I have not used it yet, I know it holds pressure because it was pressurized when delivered, must have been hot in the truck, always release pressure before opening. As far as dents to three or four or six very minor to me over all happy fly Thanks Dave for calling, I forgot to write my street in my shipping address.

Corny Keg
Steve Berlo
Excelent service, great product

Dave was extremely helpful in getting me what I needed and shipping it very quickly. Items arrived as advertised!

Corny Keg
William F.

i bought the whole enchelada and they called me before shipping and got the best product for me , and it was great customer service and quick shipping as well all around great product.

Fantastic Service

Got a follow up call regarding my order and items were shipped within the day. I could not have asked for better service.

Fast shipping and nice kegs

Arrived in 2 days and kegs are in excellent shape!

Corny Keg

Great kegs, Dave is also so quick to reach out if any issues. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Corny Keg
Jason Smith
Universal Lid With Manual Pressure Relief Valve

Product packed well and came in the mail quickly, satisfied with my purchase thanks.

Corny Keg
Ella Wang
Excellent products and Awesome customer service

Before I reached out to Dave and visited the website, I feel it is not easy to get the tennis balls. I have two kids and the elder one is on high school team and my younger one is practicing tennis pretty much everyone. I sometimes feel bad because the tennis balls are worn out so quickly. then I heard of the pressure refresher thing but I am not sure if it will work and will be worth the investment. So I called the number and ended up Dave was so nice to educate me on the pressure refresher and also explain to me in detail how to build a pressure refresher using the kegs. He is so nice not to just push me to buy things instead he gave me and pros and cons of buying kegs to build the pressure refresher myself or buy directly the new one he has already made available and reliable. He even face timed with me to show me around all the different kinds he has. I am so impressed and decided to buy a new pressure refresher. Now I have used the pressure refresher for about two months. I have keep it busy by loading the tennis balls to have them pressurized. I am very impressed to find out the tennis balls are pretty bouncy when they are done with being pressurized. I definitely would like to recommend the pressure refresher to my friends or anyone who play tennis regularly. it is definitely a good investment because nowadays it is so hard to get tennis balls. They are often out of stock in Walmrt and some other places I used to visit. but now I don't need worry about getting tennis balls since I have the pressure refresher!!!

Corny Keg
Devin Lopez
Excellent source for kegs

I looked around and found this website to have the best prices and shipping costs. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my order shipped, and how good the customer service was when I had an issue picking up my order and had to ship it again. I will definitely order from this website again.

Corny Keg
Brian Dietrich
Used Corny keg

Used corny keg pretty great condition and arrived clean with all new o-rings. Only one very minor dent that does not impact the kegs performance in anyway.
Poppets also in good condition.

Corny Keg
Greg Pechiro
Excellent products and customer service

I am new to using the tap that was installed in my basement bar by the previous owners. I called for some advice and got plenty of help and thorough explanation. The used keg was exactly what I was expecting and fit perfectly in my existing mini fridge. I had a great experience purchasing through them and will definitely come back for any future purchases.

Corny Keg
John B.
Thank You ALL

Great customer service. Highly Recommended. ( AND FAST???????????????????? )

Corny Keg
Brewing like a CHAMP!

I thought twice about going used but these kegs were perfect. Don't think I'll buy new kegs ever again, which means I'll have more money to spend on my hops and yeast. Cheers!