3 Gallon Ball Lock Regulator Keg Kit

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This kit is designed to provide you with a new 3 gallon keg and the ball lock fittings, hoses, stainless steel clamps, picnic faucet, and Taprite dual gauge regulator for your favorite homebrew.

Kit includes:

(1) Ball Lock Connector set.
(1) 3' & 5' piece of 1/4" i.d. clear hose.
(4) Stainless Steel Clamps
(1) Picnic Faucet
(1) 3 gallon Corny Keg ball lock stainless steel keg
(1) Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator with 1/4" barb shutoff valve and pressure relief valve.
*PLEASE NOTE* This kit does not include the CO2 cylinder. CO2 cylinder sold separately.