Whole Enchilada 5 Gallon New Pin Lock Keg Kit New 5lb Alum. Cyl. and Picnic Faucet

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This kit is the whole enchilada designed to provide you with all the pin lock fittings, hoses, stainless steel clamps, picnic faucet, new 5 gallon keg, dual gauge regulator and 5 lb. CO2 tank for your favorite homebrew. You will not find a more complete kit than this. Kit includes:
  • (1) Pin lock connectors.
  • (1) 5' beverage and 3' gas pieces of 1/4 i.d. clear hose.
  • (4) stainless steel corny clamps.
  • (1) picnic faucet.
  • (1) New 5 gallon corny keg.
  • (1) Taprite dual gauge regulator with 1/4 barb shutoff valve and pressure relief valve.
  • (1) 5 lb. new aluminum CO2 tank
Please Note: CO2 cylinders are shipped empty per Ohio State law.