Hand Held CO2 Pin Lock  Keg Charger Kit

Hand Held CO2 Pin Lock Keg Charger Kit

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This hand held CO2 keg charger fits in your pocket and eliminates the need for cumbersome and costly CO2 tanks, regulators and hoses. The hand held CO2 unit charges your keg using small 16 gram CO2 cartridges. A typical 5 gallon keg will use (2-5) 16 gram cartridges.  This unit works with all Cornelius style kegs.  Kit includes the charger and pin lock connector.


  • Small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Ideal tool for any home brewer using Cornelius kegs.
  • Made of high strength, glass-reinforced nylon with brass valve internals.
  • Dimensions: 2"W x 5"H x 1 3/4"D
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Includes Pin Lock Connector

Great for parties, holidays, on the boat, camping, wherever you want to take your Cornelius keg!

Caution: The cartridges contain liquid CO2 that will dispense at over 600 psi. We suggest having the faucet open before pushing more CO2 into the Cornelius keg, and using very short bursts. Also, do not push the inject lever when not hooked up to a Cornelius keg as you will put over 600 psi into the quick disconnect and will blow the top threads off.