Breathe new life into your old tennis balls with our DIY  Tennis Ball  Pressurizer  Kits.

Under Pressure

Restore flat tennis balls to like-new firmness and bounce. The perfect solution for tennis clubs, tennis camps, tennis coaches, tennis instructors or any avid tennis player.

How it works!

Fill the tank with up to 60 used tennis balls.

Pressurize the tank.


2–3 days with a CO2 charging kit

Enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-can bounce of your tennis balls!

Will I benefit from the Pressure Refresher?

Save Money

With a capacity of 60 tennis balls, the Pressure Refresher pays for itself in no time.

Save Hassle

Always have an abundance of fresh, ready to use tennis balls on hand.

Save the Planet

Reduce the number of tennis balls that end up in a landfill.